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Contributor Page: Marybeth Davis Baggett

Dr. Marybeth Davis Baggett

Associate Editor


Marybeth Davis Baggett lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, and teaches English at Liberty University. Having earned her Ph.D. in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Marybeth’s professional interests include literary theory, contemporary American literature, science fiction, and dystopian literature. She also writes and edits for Christ and Pop Culture. Her most recent publication was a chapter called “What Means Utopia to Us? Reconsidering More’s Message,” in Hope and the Longing for Utopia: Futures and Illusions in Theology and the Arts.

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Dr. Baggett contributed a chapter entitled, “What means Utopia to Us?: Reconsidering More’s Message.”

Dr. Baggett is an Associate Editor and a contributor at Christ and Pop Culture

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