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Podcast: Leo Percer on the Impeccability of Jesus (Part 2 of 2)

This week we are continuing our discussion with Dr. Leo Percer, professor of New Testament and Greek at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, on the impeccability of Jesus. Last time, we discussed the meaning of impeccability and what counts as temptation. This week, we will explore what it would mean for Jesus to be tempted and whether or not he could actually sin. And we will think about what it means to say Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. Finally, we will also discuss the relevance of Jesus’ temptation for our own moral transformation.

Photo: “Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness” by J. Tissot. Public Domain. 


Podcast: Leo Percer on the Impeccability of Jesus

This week, we will be sitting down with Dr. Leo Percer to discuss the impeccability of Jesus. Dr. Percer is a professor of New Testament and Greek at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. One question you might have as we start this series on impeccability is what this subject has to do with moral apologetics. Well, quite a lot actually. For one, whether or not Jesus could sin tells us something about the moral character of God and the kind of being he is. Is God, even as he was incarnate in Jesus, capable of a moral failure? On the other hand, if Jesus was not capable of sinning, in what sense was he fully human? And how could he really be understood to be the ideal man or our moral exemplar? These are important and tough questions.

In this first part of our discussion with Dr. Percer, we will hear what “impeccability” means and explore the nature of temptation. We will also discuss what it would mean for Jesus, as fully human and fully God, to be tempted.



Podcast: Dr. Leo Percer on Moral Epistemology and the Character of God

In this week’s podcast, we hear from Dr. Percer about the relationship of faith and reason in the context of the moral argument. Dr. Percer offers some tremendous insights on being made in the image of God and how we can have moral knowledge as well as how the Bible portrays the character and goodness of God.



Photo: “Bible” by C. Zlelecki. CC License